Military Divorce in Georgia

Military Divorce in Camden County Georgia and Camden County military divorce; Georgia Navy Divorce

What is a Georgia Military Divorce?

With a major Navy installation in Camden County and just to the South in Jacksonville, there are many active duty and retired U.S. Navy personnel living and working in Camden County.  So, most of the military divorce matters in Camden County are a “Navy Divorce.”

A Navy divorce (or a military divorce) in Georgia is only a little different from a civilian divorce.  Generally speaking, a divorce in which at least one spouse is an active member of the military, reserve or guard, or is a retired service member, is referred to as a military divorce because it describes the actual, practical situation.  In general though, the same laws that apply to a civilian divorce in Georgia also apply to a military divorce.  But, there are a few exceptions.  Also, there are some special issues that must be considered in an Navy divorce in Georgia that simply do not apply in a civilian divorce.

We routinely handle uncontested Navy divorces along with “regular” uncontested divorces in Georgia.  However, we recognize the unique and additional issues that our clients are facing as military service members (or as spouses of military service members).

Attorney Robert L. Jones himself served on active duty in the United States military for eight years.  He has represented clients in Georgia military divorce cases for twenty-five years.  So, he is extremely well-qualified to advise and represent clients needing military uncontested Camden County divorce services (or contested divorce services in Camden County).

Special Considerations for a Military Divorce in Camden County Georgia

When facing a divorce in Georgia, in general, the same federal and state laws governing civilian couples govern military couples.  However, there are several unique rules and complicated issues that apply to military divorces, such as:

  • Residency, venue and filing requirements;
  • Compliance with military rules and regulations;
  • Division of military pension (including the Blended Retirement System) and other benefits (including SBP and TriCare);
  • Supporting the spouse and children of an active duty service member after separation;
  • Custody and Parenting of minor children of military couples; and
  • Child Support.

The grounds for a military divorce in Georgia are the very same as in a civilian divorce.  However, for an uncontested military (or civilian divorce) we almost always use Georgia’s no-fault grounds for the divorce unless the parties agree to add additional grounds.  For contested Navy divorce matters, any of Georgia’s grounds for divorce may apply.

Federal Laws Pertaining to Navy Divorce

Here are links to some of the Federal laws governing military divorce:

The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA)

Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Easy and Quick Uncontested Divorce

Since we will actually represent you in court for an uncontested divorce, neither you nor your spouse will have to go to court for your case.  That is a huge advantage for individuals who are subject to deployment or otherwise have a hard time making time for court hearings.  The process is easy and fast (especially compared to a contested divorce) and you do not even have to come to our office in Saint Marys.  We always charge flat fees of divorce cases that we handle so your military divorce will not be expensive.

Start your Navy Divorce in Georgia

The differences between a Navy divorce in Georgia and a civilian divorce are subtle but important.  We consider them all when advising and representing clients in Navy divorce matters.  If you have questions about a military divorce in Georgia, please submit our Client Inquiry Form and call an experienced Georgia military divorce attorney at (912) 215-7677.