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Next Step, Schedule an Appointment

Now that we have basic information about your situation, we will consider your case to determine if it is a good match for our services.  We will respond to your inquiry by secure email and quote our low, fixed/flat fee for your uncontested divorce.

After that, you next need to make an appointment to set up the initial meeting with us to actually start your case.  This will be a telephone meeting.  Neither of you will need to come to our office -- even if you and your spouse have minor children together.

If you are not ready to actually start your divorce case but need more information about our services, you do not need to make an appointment.  Instead, just call attorney Robert L. Jones at (912)  215-7677 for a free 15 minute consultation. Or, you can just respond to the email that we will send you in response to your Client Intake Form.

But, if you are ready to schedule the telephone meeting to actually start your case, simply click the link below and you can conveniently schedule the meeting online.

Prepare for your Meeting with the Attorney

Typically, we start your case with a telephone conference.  We schedule a full 90 minute appointment if you do not have children but 2 hours if there are minor children from your marriage.

Generally, the telephone conference usually takes about 45 minutes if there are no minor children or 90 minutes if you have minor children together.

We make sure that we have plenty of time to go over all of the issues in your case without being rushed and to make sure that nothing is overlooked in our detailed discussion with you.

We always represent the person who is asking the Court for a divorce and we usually prefer to meet with our client only during the telephone conference.

Have Minor Children?

For any case that involved minor children, you can best prepare for the initial telephone meeting by reading our online articles about a Parenting Plan and Child Support.  We ask that you be provide information about your and your spouse's monthly gross (pre-tax) income as well as who will provide health insurance for the minor children and how much it costs each month. This information is essential for us to accurately calculate the amount of monthly child support for your case.