Cost of a Camden County Uncontested Divorce

Cost of a Camden County uncontested divorce and Camden County uncontested divorce cost

What is the Cost of a Camden County Uncontested Divorce?

There are two questions that always we get from our clients:

What is the cost of a Camden County Georgia uncontested divorce? And, how long is this divorce going to take?

Our typical fee for an uncontested Georgia divorce without minor children is $595. However, we charge a lot less in Camden County.  Our cost for a uncontested divorce in Camden County and Glynn County is just $495 for cases that do not involve minor children.

For a typical uncontested divorce with minor children, our typical fee is $1,225. But in Camden County our fee is just $995 for uncontested divorce cases with minor children.

However, our fees  do not include filing fees and other court costs.  Court costs usually do not exceed $275.

How Does Our Cost for an Uncontested Camden County Georgia Divorce Compare?

The cost of an uncontested Camden County divorce if you represent yourself in court may be as little as about $250, including the court costs.  However, some attorneys charge their clients a fee of over $3,000 for an uncontested divorce in Camden County.   But, using our process, the cost for a Camden County uncontested divorce is much lower .

Of course, that assumes that you start with the plan and desire that your divorce will be uncontested.  If you start the process as a contested case and then later settle it as an uncontested divorce, the cost will be much higher.  Basically, it costs about the same as a contested divorce.  So, if pays to do your research and select the right attorney for your Camden County uncontested divorce.

Even if you represent yourself in the divorce instead of hiring an attorney, the court costs alone will be over $200.  And, if you represent yourself, you are definitely going to have to appear in court.  Think of the time, inconvenience and stress of having to appear before the judge!  In our process, you probably will never have to go to court or come to our office.  We can save you a lot of money in a Camden County uncontested divorce.  But, the time and stress is also part of the cost of a divorce.  We can help reduce those parts of the cost too.

The Cost Includes a Uncontested Divorce Settlement Agreement

But, to have a low cost uncontested divorce in Camden County, you and your spouse must agree on all essential issues in advance of filing the divorce proceedings.  Basically, this means that you both sign a marital Settlement Agreement and all other documents necessary to file the uncontested divorce.  Using our process for a Camden County uncontested divorce, your spouse will not be “served” by the Sheriff.  Serving your spouse adds to the cost and aggravation of an uncontested divorce.  So, we eliminate it.  Instead, your spouse simply signs a document acknowledging receipt of the uncontested divorce paperwork that we prepare for you.

If you and your spouse do not agree on the issues in a Settlement Agreement, you do not have an uncontested divorce.  Even relatively simple divorce cases can turn out to be lengthy and expensive if emotions or other factors prevent one (or both) of the parties from agreeing on the details of a Settlement Agreement.

Affordable Uncontested Camden County Georgia Divorce:

Our objective is to provide each client with an inexpensive, fast, high-quality and dignified uncontested Camden County divorce.  That is what we mean by an affordable uncontested Camden County divorce.  Fortunately, in the overwhelming majority of our cases we succeed.  Naturally, that means that our client and his/her spouse must have the same objective in mind.  Fundamentally, they agree that they do not want to spend a lot of money on the divorce process.  Instead, both parties simply want a decent, fair and affordable uncontested divorce.  That attitude and desire will enable you to greatly reduce the cost of your divorce in Camden County.

We have tailored our process to produce an affordable uncontested divorce.  We always represent our clients in uncontested divorces in Camden County for a low, flat fee.  You will know exactly what you will pay for your uncontested Camden County divorce before we start the process.  There are no hidden fees or costs.

While our fees do not include court costs, we tell you exactly what the court costs will be for your  divorce case during out initial consultation.  From the beginning, you will know the full cost of a Camden County uncontested divorce.

Low Cost Uncontested Camden County Divorce:

We represent clients using our uncontested divorce process in over 40 Georgia counties.  Our fee varies somewhat from county-to-county.  Of course, it also depends on whether you and your spouse have minor children together.  The typical flat fee is $495 for a Camden County uncontested divorce with no minor children.  The cost increases to just $995 if there are minor children involved.   If minor children are involved in your Camden County uncontested divorce, our fee includes preparing a Parenting Plan and also all the Child Support Worksheet.  Both of these are required by Georgia law if you and your spouse have minor children together.

Court costs are a significant part of the cost of an uncontested Camden County divorce.  Our flat fee does not include the court costs which include the filing fee and all costs of getting your case actually processed by the Clerk.  Typical court costs for an uncontested Camden County divorce are $275.   That includes the filing fee, e-filing fee, postage, copies, service fees, etc. that the Clerk charges in a divorce.  We always e-file uncontested Camden County divorce matters.  That saves a lot of time in processing the divorce through the Camden County court system.  Time is money.  So, this helps to lower the cost of a the uncontested Camden County divorce.

Do You E-File the Uncontested Camden County Divorce?

Yes.  Whenever possible, we e-file the uncontested divorce documents for our Camden County clients.  E-filing saves time and helps us move the uncontested divorce through the court system much more efficiently.  E-filing costs slightly more than manual filing but it is well worth the small additional cost.  Camden County permits us to e-file divorce cases.  We can move your uncontested Camden County divorce through the court system more quickly with e-filing.  E-filing of divorce cases is mandatory.

What it the Total Cost of a Camden County Uncontested Divorce?

If you have unusual issues, the cost of your particular Camden County uncontested divorce may vary from the typical cost.  However, using our uncontested divorce process, the total cost for an uncontested Camden County divorce with no minor children is usually $770 ($495 for our fee and $275 for court costs).  The usual total cost for a Camden County Georgia uncontested divorce with minor children is $1,225 ($995 for our fee and $275 for court costs).

How Much does a Military Camden County Uncontested Divorce Cost?

A military Camden County uncontested divorce involves active duty or retired military service members and their spouses.  We use the same basic process for a military uncontested divorce as for a civilian uncontested divorce in Camden County.  But, we can tailor the process as necessary to make it possible to move the case forward even if you or your spouse are overseas or deployed.  We address the unique issues in military divorce without reducing the quality of the outcome for your uncontested divorce and without adding unnecessary cost.  Using our process, the cost of a military uncontested Camden County divorce is the same as for a civilian Camden County uncontested divorce.

Start Your Low Cost Camden County Georgia Divorce:

We can help you finalize your negotiations with your spouse.  This helps to ensure that the terms of your divorce Settlement Agreement leave you with a fair result.  You can start the process online using our Client Inquiry Form.  That is one way we control your Camden County uncontested divorce cost.  Then, for specific questions about your Camden County uncontested divorce,  just call an experienced Georgia divorce attorney at (912) 215-7677.  You can also get a firm quote on the Camden County uncontested divorce cost.