Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

Georgia Uncontested Divorce


Are you considering a divorce in Georgia? We know you want it to be fast, easy, and affordable. Our easy divorce process is just what you need. With us, you don’t have to go to court or even come to our office. We can get you an easy divorce that costs less than $400 (plus court fees) if you have no minor children together.  If you have minor children, our flat fee starts at $795, but we can still get you a quick and easy divorce in Georgia that you can afford.

How We can Help You

There are lots of other advantages of uncontested divorce besides the low, flat fee.  We take care of everything for you, from custom-preparing the necessary divorce documents to filing them with the court. You and your spouse just need to sign the final documents we send you, and we’ll handle the rest. We represent you officially with the court and expedite the completion of your case by the judge, sending you the final, signed divorce decree. You can trust us to make sure everything is correct and to guide you through the process.

An uncontested divorce is easy in Georgia. If you have an attorney to represent you, you don’t even have to go to court. We handle the paperwork process for you, and our clients almost never have to appear in court to complete their uncontested divorce. You don’t even have to come to our office either.

Take Advantage of Our Uncontested Divorce Process

We handle divorce matters in over 40 Georgia counties.  To see if you’re a good match for our easy divorce process, fill out our Client Inquiry/Intake Form, and we’ll tell you if you can have a quick and easy Georgia divorce without going to court. With our process, you won’t find an easier, faster way to get a divorce. Contact us today to find out more advantages of uncontested divorce. Your information will be evaluated by an experienced Georgia divorce attorney in complete confidence.