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We focus our practice on quick  uncontested divorce.  Our objective is that you have an affordable, quality Camden County divorce.  

Camden County Uncontested Divorce

At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, you can obtain a quick Camden County divorce from $495 (uncontested without minor children) using an experienced divorce attorney.  Call (912) 215-7677 or fill out the New Client Inquiry found on the Getting Started page.  If your divorce case involves minor children, our uncontested divorce flat fee starts at $895.  Our fees do not include the court costs ($275.00).  There is usually no court hearing for an uncontested divorce in Camden County if you have an attorney to represent you. For more information, please see our Practice Areas page.  

If you are a full-time law enforcement officer or firefighter, we can handle your case for a discounted rate.

We can start the process for your Camden County divorce with just a confidential phone conference.  You will not need to come to our office and your spouse need not participate.  However, if you prefer to meet your attorney in person, we can start the process with an in-person meeting at our office in Saint Marys.

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Camden County Georgia Divorce

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Low Flat Uncontested Divorce Fee

Starting at $495 for a divorce with no minor children
$895 for a divorce with minor children

Please note actual fees may vary depending on your specific case.

Camden County Divorce

Camden County Georgia Divorce Made Easy

Divorce: This word evokes the range of emotions involved in ending a marriage.  It also conjures up thoughts of the cost and time needed to complete a divorce.  Naturally, complex legal proceedings such as divorce can be confusing.  We can simplify the process for you.

Unfortunately, many people facing divorce feel that their lives will be put on hold while their case makes its way slowly through the courts and attorneys collect sizable fees.  But, this is not necessarily the case in a divorce in Camden County Georgia, even if you have minor children. 

Our Camden County uncontested divorce process is simple, fast, inexpensive and relatively stress-free.  An uncontested divorce in Camden County can be accomplished for less cost, less stress and in less time than most people would believe.

Affordable Camden County Georgia Divorce

A divorce in Camden County does not have to be lengthy, expensive or confusing. At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, we offer low flat fees for uncontested divorce.  We focus on completing your divorce as inexpensively and quickly as possible, often without you coming to our office.  At no additional cost, we can also obtain a name change for the wife. 

Through the use of our proprietary technologies, we custom-prepare and deliver all of your required documents to you.  If required by the judge in your particular case, we also appear in court with you to complete the divorce case.  

Using our uncontested Camden County divorce process, your spouse will never be served by a sheriff's deputy or a private investigator.  Your spouse will simply sign for the divorce documents.

Camden County Georgia Divorce Attorney

The Law Office of Robert L. Jones offers uncontested divorce and divorce planning legal services to residents of Camden County, Georgia.  We also represent clients in other states or countries who need help with a divorce in Camden County.  So, regardless of whether your divorce in Camden County is a simple divorce or a complex one, we offer a divorce solution and approach that is affordable and cost-effective.  You need an experienced, affordable Camden County divorce lawyer on your side.

Mr. Jones is a Saint Marys, Georgia divorce attorney and can be reached at (912) 215-7677 during normal business hours.

We now also provide uncontested divorce services in other Coastal Georgia counites including: Charlton, Brantley, Glynn, McIntosh, Liberty, Bryan, Evans, Wayne, Appling, Jeff Davis and Chatham.  For full information, we suggest that you complete our Client Inquiry.


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Uncontested Divorce

The cost of divorce in Camden County, Georgia does not have to be expensive. In an uncontested divorce, for example, the parties have agreed in advance how to divide marital property, allocate debts, arrange for custody of minor children, and set child and spousal support. To schedule your personal consultation with Robert L. Jones, an experienced Camden County divorce attorney, contact us online using the "Getting Started" link above or call  (912) 215-7677.

Military Divorces

Uncontested divorce can be a great fit for military families who have limited time and financial resources and need to get the process completed correctly and quickly. With the increased schedule demands on military families it can seem almost impossible. Robert Jones helps military families work through the special legal and financial issues to resolve their divorce as efficiently as possible.

“Our goal is to free you to care for yourself and your family while we take care of your divorce legal matters.”

― Attorney Robert L. Jones

Fast, Efficient and Low-Cost Divorce

At the Law Office of Robert L. Jones, we combine thorough and comprehensive divorce and family law legal services with efficiency, speed, and low costs. Contact a lawyer or call (912) 215-7677 today. 

Camden County Georgia Divorce Attorney

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